Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nights in London (Poem)

(Note: I wrote this poem during the same summer as I wrote "Cambridge Ghost Walk." Admittedly, this was a very productive period for me as a writer, as I was trying to assimilate the whole experience. This poem tries to capture my experience with London. It was not my first metropolitan city, I had been to New York, Madrid, Paris and other, but it was the first time I was standing in such a city completely alone. It was an interesting feeling.)

Nights in London

Nights in London,
lights mix with dark skies.
Heads bobbing up and down,
lips moving, faces gesture,
hands move..

I walked around Piccadilly Circus.
Cars, night buses, pedestrians in a rush.
I entered the crowded Tube,
bumping, pushing, shoving,
an accordion fills the tight space.
No one speaks.

Flashes, rocking,
Mind the Gap.
Westminster, Clock Tower,
a bell named Ben.
Parliament, spotlights,
Lionheart leads the men.
Faces in a sea of flesh,
moving and colliding and
breathing for air.
No voice.

Nights in London,
I walked through the
Tower Bridge.
Thames runs silently
past me.
Hail the Mighty Tower,
fortress of forgotten pain.
Ancient screams and sobs
that nobody hears.
I walked alone
through the
filled with


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