Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sulyeon (Poem)

She's wearing a long white dress.
A wide sun hat covers her head.
The pond sparkles in green and blue.
She walks slowly, deliberately.
As if she doesn't want to disturb
images that were never there.

The kids play nearby. She laughs.
She smiles. She moves gracefully,
regally almost. Swans and frogs bow
as she walks past.

She looks beyond the pond.
She looks for someone
that was never there.
She looks
with her almond colored eyes.
She looks
while her long ebony
locks frame her face.

Is this true? She asks the pond,
glimmering in green
and blue.
Will thought one day
become memory?

As I close my eyes,
memories that were
never mine flash
past and into
the future.


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