Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Annotatio (Poem)

She isn't here.
There's a dull ache right at
     the pit of my stomach.
She isn't here.
I'm struggling to come up with words
     to paint images.
She isn't here.

It's fascinating,
Feeling the feelings while
     finding the phrases.
Thinking the thoughts while
     tinkering the sentiments.

It's a Shakespearian curse,
(The man,
     not the characters.)
She isn't here.
     And I'm looking for the words
to describe it.

How to describe the memory
    of her perfume?
Is there an adjective for
    remembering a fragrance?
How can I describe what the memory

She isn't here.
  Where can I find the words
to transcribe the memory of a
    moment in time?
She isn't here.
   And I wonder if she feels the


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