Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Driving (Poem)

 (Note: Yesterday, I was looking over some old poetry and found this piece. I wrote this poem over a decade ago. I was still a grad student with no real idea of what I wanted to do with life. What strikes me now is that, today, I am one of the two heads stuck inside a shiny SUV talking about diaper brands.)


Driving along the
silent long road,
two walls of glass
between the back of their
and me.
They’re tucked inside
the new, shiny security
of their blue SUV.

Hands flutter, I wonder.
Their conversation, perhaps on rings,
perhaps on diaper brands,
perhaps simply on chess.
All planned out,
            the map laid out,
sure of the road to take

A flashing of yellow.
A turn to the left.
I am alone
driving along
with my rusty Fox.
Going home
to ponder the future.
Tomorrow I have a paper


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