Thursday, April 18, 2013

He do the Puerto Rican en diferentes voces: An experiment with collaborative e-poetry using Twitter

The internet is a fantastic medium for writers. For one thing, it allows us to publish our thoughts, ideas and words instantly. It also allows us to communicate with other writers across the globe. It's also allowed Puerto Rican writers to stay connected, sharing ideas and stories, no matter where in the world their lives have taken them.

This is what has inspired this experiment.

On Monday, April 22, 2013, myself and a group of Puerto Rican writers will compose a collaborative poem using Twitter all throughout the day. The poem will be titled He do the Puerto Rican en diferentes voces and the concept behind it is for us, contemporary Puerto Rican writers and poets, both in the island and in exile, to discuss, express and define our own identity as Puerto Ricans as it applies to today's globalized, modern, interconnected world.

 Here's how it's going to work. On the morning of April 22nd, at around 8:00 am, eastern standard time, I will post the first two verses of the poem through my Twitter account @PeteValle and using the hashtag #PRDifferentVoces. Throughout the day, myself and my fellow poets will add to the poem, writing verses in English and Spanish, using the same hashtag, playing off each other and adding each unique voice and experience to it. The next day, I will publish the entire poem here.

What can you do? We invite you to follow the poem during the day by searching Twitter using the hashtag #PRDifferentVoces. We'd also love it if you would add your own experience and voice to this collaborative effort.We think we can create something wonderful and unique using Twitter and the internet as a medium.

We hope you can join me and the talented group of poets that have agreed to use their pens...eeer...I mean, their keyboards, to spin their words into verses.

Thank you!

P.C.V. Javier @PeteValle
Ricardo L. Ramos @ricardo_l
Dennis Costa @gitmoguest
Camilo Torres @chinoladino
Rick Rivera @RickGRivera

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